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Adventurepark Ville Verma

Adventurepark Ville Verma is situated in the upper part of Romsdalen. We have a guided tour along the waterfalls of Verma. Across the narrow rivergorge  you will find 5 ziplines and a climbing-net.  This rig gives you the opportunity to discover the impressive "Neagarafossen" at a close range. Absolutely safe of course. Dont forget to check your travel-insurance before leaving home. The longest zipline is 200 meter. You start by jumping from a platform 30 meters above the waterfall, and you accelerate along the zip for almost 20 seconds. We garantee you a big happy smile!

Adventure Park Ville Verma (Wild Verma) gives you a guided tour in a spectacular river landscape. The tour is perfect for groups of friends, business groups, school classes, birthday parties, bachelorparties, and youngsters that need extra challanges in life. Groups of 10 persons is optimal. But also groups of 2-20 is possible. The guided tour can be a nice experience for a family with kids as well. This adventure can be a part of a weekend in Romsdalen. If the weather is wet and windy at Åndalsnes, its perhaps a bad idea to climb a mountain. Try the Adventurepark as an alternative! The weather is always dryer and more sunny in the upper part of Romsdalen anyway. Its also possible to enter the rivergorge by a long or short rappell if the walk feels to boring.

 The guided tour in the Adventure Park is safe. Its very unlikely that something goes wrong. Despite this we always aim for higher safety, and make adjustments in the procedures when necessary.  The tour is not very long and physical challanging. Its more of a mental challange due to the height above the waterfall and the sound of the raging wild river passing beneath us.

The house Villa Verma next to the local grocery-shop at Verma, is our Base Camp and the safe haven before leaving out for the exciting adventures. All persons and groups that have booked guided tours in the mountains or in the river gorge are welcome to spend the nights at Villa Verma. There are room for 4-8 persons. The guided tour through the Adventure Park starts here. Agreement will be signed, safety brief will be undertaken, and we all will be dressed up with harnesses and helmets and checked before take off. We leave by foot for a 10 minute approach to the river. The training and preparation will take 15-30 minutes. 

Guiding by Tinder og Banditter (Peaks and Bandits / EPF Tore Klokk) has been on the menu from 1999. We have been guiding to the most famous peaks of Romsdalen for almost 30 years. The concept and guiding from Tinder og Banditter is included and adapted to the activities in Ville Verma. The climbs are described under "guiding" in the menu. For steeper climbing, group size of 2-4 is perfect. For steep walks there is a maximum of 6-8 persons. For easier walks there is no limit for the size of the group. 

Climbing in the mountains have a slightly higher risk and that is accepted by those people seeking adventures there. Mountainering is a more complex activity.  There are objective risks like weather and terrain, group psycology and other variabels that can make  it harder to navigate safely through the danger zone.  

As a customer you have an expectation of what this day will bring you. Through conversatins in front of the activity we like to agree on todays goal. We just want you to be happy and satisfied and safe.  Adventure, learning, fun, safety are important goals for us. 

No matter if you choose to go for a guided tour in the river gorge, a climb to one of the 7 Summits in Romsdalen,  or go for an alpine skiingexperience, you can count on us. You will have an experienced guide that puts you and your safety as a first priority. 

Tore Klokk is the owner of Villa Verma and Ville Verma. He has a longtime climbing experience both as a mountaineer and a Rope Access Technician offshore at the oilriggs. He has an education as an outdoor guide from The Norwegian Sports University. He has climbed in the Himalayas, Alaska, USA and the Alps, and of course Romsdalen. 


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