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Villa Verma can accomodate 4-8 guests. The house can also be rented by smaller groups for a weekend or one week. We also have events for schoolclasses, and if we use matresses on the floor, up to 20+ persons can stay overnight. Please contact us for more spesific information.

The cabin is an exclusive experience in many ways. Its not luxuriously in the meaning of high standard. But you will have clean water, clean air, pure nature in quiet and peaceful surrondings. You will have access to "your own" wilderness. With an electric bicycle you can follow a gravel road 10-15 km further into the wilderness. There are easy walks, mountains to climb and fishing in the mountainlakes. Its both simple living and luxury at the same time. The summertime (June-October) is more comfortable and easy to handle. The winter is a bit more challanging but can also be magic! Winterseason involves ski or snowshoes, and a continous job keeping the cabin warm. There are no electricity exept for the 12V solarpanel. 

Extreme camping can be provided. This is not an ordinary choise for guests at Verma. It will take some extra preparations for both of us. But it is an option. We can arrange it. If you like to spend the night in a port a ledge in a steep rockface, or in a "Ticket to the Moon" hammock above a waterfall, its absolutely doable. We could arrange for you to stay a couple of minutes such a place for some photos, but then rather spend the night a safer more "normal" place. This is a possibility for those of you that want some extraordinary experience and photos!


Ville Verma
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