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Adventure weekend summer
Romsdalshelg sommer

Adventure weekend is a 2 1/2 day compact facilitated event where all is included. Accomodation, food, transport, climbing equipment, guiding. You are staying at Villa Verma in the upper part of Romsdalen. Thats the Base Camp and the place for planning, preparations, packing etc. It will take approximate 30-45 minutes to get to the base of the different mountains we are climbing. The drive through Romsdalen is a fantastic ride by itself!

All the 7 summits of Romsdalen can be a goal for us. Free choise. The Adventure Park Ville Verma is a good choise for one of the days. Especially if the weather is wet and windy. At Åndalsnes Via Ferrata is an option. There is one easy and one difficult route. Romsdalseggen is a very popular mountainwalk which is a really good alternativ as well. If you come by train we can pick you up at the railway station only 10 minutes from Villa Verma. No problem! We want you to be happy and satisfied and are willing to make a big effort to make that happen. 

Prices: Approx. 5000,- pr person for the weekend all included. Prices will vary depending on  choise of menu.


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