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You are arriving Romsdalen friday afternoon and its all settled. Food, accomodation, guiding and transport. We discuss the alternatives which is current thinking of weather and snowconditions. Both Måndalen, Isfjorden, Innfjorden and Bjorli are good alternatives when it comes to skiing. If the conditions are not good for skiing in the high mountains we could ski at Bjorli. There is a good skilift. We could also take a day iceclimbing waterfalls in the river gorge! Along the river there are steep columns of ice one after the other. Exiciting, cold, demanding and fun!

Therer are different themes that naturally falls under the important skills and knowledge of mountaineering. Which equipment to use, how to judge the weather and snow, planning of the route, map and compass, how to choose the safest line through steep snowy terrain. How to search for safety when weather becomes extreme and how to make a snowcave for protection. 

We can decide to spend some time on some of those issues during the day.

4-6 persons would be a great number for the adventure weekend in Romsdalen. Price for a complete package is 5000,- pr person. Adventure weekend for Romsdalen can be ordered for the months February and March. 


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