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The cabin

The cabin is a tiny modest treat (24 sqm) which is placed in the mountains west of Verma. It has 2 small bedrooms, with room enough for 2 souls that love eachother. 

Water must be taken from a source a short walk from the cabin. It tastes great and are 100% pure and clean. People used to walk a long distance to drink from this source. It was known for beeing both tasty and healthy. 

There is solar panel in the cabin and candles. Food can be warmed at a gas stove either inside the cabin or outside. There is a radio inside connected to the 12V battery. If you walk approx 10 minutes you can get a signal for your cellphone. 

In the summertime you can get there by car. This is a toll road which is open only for a few persons. That means there is no traffic. In the wintertime it will take a bit longer to get there! 20 minutes of walking either by ski or snowshoe is a minimum. If there is a lot of snow it mite take up to 2 hours or even more. 

This is a remote place that can be the right choise for those seeking peace and quiet, clean drinking water and clean air. You will only hear your own heartbeats and the gentle sound of the water and wind. This is wilderness but without the dangerous animals that you find in Namibia and Amazonas... 

The cabin is a good starting point for mountain-trips and cycling. There will be a electric bicicle availible for you that can bring you another 15 km further into the mountains on a gravelroad. From the end of this road you can reach 2 lakes that are great for trout fishing.

Its possible to combine a stay at the cabin with a visit at the Adventure Park Ville Verma and a guided mountain-trip. You could also stay one night at Villa Verma. 

A stay at the cabin is offered as a part of a weekend with guiding. 

Prices on request.


Ville Verma
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