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Villa Verma

Villa Verma is a house with an interesting story. It was put up at Verma in 1936. But originally it was a farmhouse in Brøstdalen probably from late 1800 century. 

In those days it was not unusual to dismantle timberhouses and move them to other places. Villa Verma was set up on the foundations of a former shop at Verma. In connection with the building of the railway "Raumabanen" and the bridge "Kyllingbrua" between 1916-1923 a jewish businessman by the name Karpol placed a small shop at Verma. Karpol later dismantled and moved this house by horse and cart to Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen. He established here with his family, but during second world war tragedy hits his family. His 2 daughters and wife was deported to Germany and disappeared in the concentration camps. The rooftop of his shop was a popular playground for kids at Verma. It was left behind in the garden of todays Villa Verma.  Villa Verma was the home of several families and persons after 2. worldwar and it also served as the village library for some years.  Villa Verma was refurbished and modernized from 2011-2014. Today it is the Base Camp for tourists and visitors who seek adventures in the nature of Romsdalen. All tours in the Adventurepark starts there as well. 

Villa Verma is open for those who take part in events, or beeing guided either in the Adventure Park or in the mountains. The different rooms have 1-3 beds. 2 bathrooms has to be shared amongst the number of guests in the house. Villa Verma is a relatively simple timberhouse with unformal and cosy athmosfere. Outside there is a small garden with a terrace. Perfect for relaxing and for packing climbing gear for next day of adventure. There is a shelter with turf roof in the garden. Its big enough for 20 persons and has a gas grill for making dinners. The house is perfect for groups of 4-8 persons. It has place for up to 20-25 persons if matresses on the floor is also used. The Adventure Park and the climbing areas are in walking distance from the house.

The price is 600,- pr night pr person. That includes bedsheets, a towel and a breakfast. 


Ville Verma
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