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Adventure Park Ville Verma

We guarantee you a facinating and exciting event! And we guarantee it will be both challanging and fun! Most visitors love the exitement and feel a great sense of mastering oneself and the elements. Its a rush! We will try to adjust the challenge by supporting and helping each one of you. The coffee and handmade local snacks around the bonfire will taste just great after stretching your limits a bit! 

The Adventure Park contains 3 ziplines which is 30, 60 and 200 meter. The climbing-net from the final of the TV show 71 degree North at North Cape is also a part of it! Check out if you can easily pass the spectacular net from the famous TV show? The activity is running just downstream the Kylling bridge. This is a famous stonebridge on the railway through Romsdalen. At the starting point of the 30 meter zip there is remains of another bridge, built in the 1880s by a local hotel. The waterfall below this bridge is called Neagarafossen (local dialect meaning: at the downside (nea) of the farm (gara) waterfall (fossen)). 

A guided tour in the Adventurepark starts at the house Villa Verma just next to the local grocery-shop in the center of Verma. At Villa Verma the climbing harnesses and helmets are beeing delivered and adjusted. We all go through a safety induction. We are then walking as a group to the river gorge. The walk is not very long and demanding. There is an easy trail to follow. One place we climb up a ladder to pass a steeper section of the trail. Before we do the final zipline we take a break under a huge cliff. Dont be surprised if Gollum from Lord of the rings suddenly appear behind a rock! At this base camp there is a bonfire and wood benches covered with skins. Its a nice place to take a cup of coffee together. The last zip will be explained before we leave the campsite. The 200 meter zip is  amazing and just Wow! The landscape is Norwegian and fantastic. The entire tour will take approx 3-4 hours, depending on how many we are in the group and how long time we spend around campfire.

The activity is suitable for groups of 2-10 persons. Its possible to increase the size of group if we are split up and streched out, or if we accept a few more minutes waiting at the different elements.  That can work out fine as well. Recommanded maximum weight is 100-120 kg. Recommanded age is 10-80 years. 

This experiense is open for booking in the summerseason between mid June to mid August. There are dayly tours at 10 a.m. but you will have to do a booking pr e-mail or by phone. You can book anytime you like. Just send an email or call us.  Also check out contact for payment information. Its also possible to visit outside the main season. Send an inquiry for information. We will try our best to give you a great experience and make you happy!


Waterfall Adventure Climb

Local stories, a nice walk, great view to the railwaybridge and rivergorge, ziplines and climbing-net, a great base camp beneath a huge cliff, traditional bonfire, coffee and local snacks, climbing equipment and ropes, and a happy smile guarantee. Can you ask for more?

The Adventurepark Ville Verma is not a climbingpark in the normal sense of the word! And certainly not a park. This is a wild river gorge. The free and wild Neagarafossen is a part of Rauma river. In end of May the amount of water passing by is huge and its a great experience to see all the melting water from last winters snow reserves raging towards the fjords. We cross the river 5 times on the guided tour. This is a spectacular experience even for those loving the trill of being exposed to the heights. Before the last and longest zipline it feels perfect having a short break to calm down around the fireplace. There are probably some of you that feels the need of expressing yourself after pushing your limits and feeling both scared and also happy.  We share some of the recent experience and emotions over a cup of coffee. Maybee you will hear some interesting local fairytales as well. 


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