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Agreement to be signed before visiting the Adventure Park "Ville Verma".

Associated to the guided tour in the river gorge there is an agreement that has to be signed. We want everybody to be safe and happy and this is a few important tips and rules to be followed.

  • Alcohol and drugs strictly forbidden. Guest affected by drugs will be expelled. Money will not be refunded.
  • Smoking is not allowed as long as the activity is ongoing. This is due to the other guests and the fact that heat sources can damage the equipment. 
  • Show respect when entering the river gorge. There are red listed species of plants which easily can be hurt. Follow the marked trails and follow instructions. Let everybody have the chanse to enjoy wilderness unspoiled by humans. 
  • Please contact the guide if something is not understood or if you are feeling unwell. Dont hesitate to inform about things that you think can be relevant for the safety. 
  • Move slowly and controlled through the trails and climbing elements. Follow instructions. You are responsible for saying stop and have a break and ask for help in case you feel scared, unsafe or to tired to keep moving. To challange yourself is a good thing but safety first. We have to work together to make this a safe but still an exciting adventure. 
  • It will be given a practical safety brief. Weall learn to put on the harness and connect to the zipline. It will be your responsibility to ask the guide if you do not understand the safety issues. Always be secured when you are above ground or close to the river. 
  • Long hair has to be tied up. Long hair can get caught inside of  pulley when ziplining. This can obviously be very painful and perhaps a bit dangerous. 
  • Recommanded maximum weight is 120 kg.
  • Please inform the guide if there is medical or physical issues that are relevant for the safety. If you need closer attention and extra help for some reason we are happy to help you. Just let us know.
  • Children under 18 years need the permission of their parents or other authorative persons to join the activity. 

Adventure Park                                                  Participant:

CEO, Tore Klokk                                                  Agreement is accepted



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