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Before visiting the Adventure Park at Verma, there are some questions that repeatedly come back. Here they are:

  • What kind of clothes and shoes do I need?

Answer: Its mostly a dry environment in the river gorge. If you dont visit the bottom. Verma has dry sunny weather for the most. Bring lightweight mountain shoes or trail running shoes. Some days a t-shirt is sufficient. Other days you would need a woolshirt  or a fleecejacket and a waterproof jacket. Bring a backpack with some clothes if you are not sure how to dress. Its possible to leave the backpack by the bonfire/base camp. We are close to the sivilization, and there is no need for extreme clothing. 

  • Do I need gloves for the zipline?

Answer:  No, we dont use gloves. Its better to handle the equipment without gloves. If you still want to use it, find a pair of thin sensitiv ones for easy handling of carabiners. 

  • Do I need to bring water in case I get thirsty?

Answer: You will be served coffee and tea and some snacks. But no problem -If you like to bring a small bag with a bottle of water (and camera and some clothes) its fine.

  • Can I join the group and just look at the others? I dont want to participate by 

Answer: Thats no problem. You will be able to see the first zipline. Then you will have to wait 1-2 hours at the Base Camp. You can light the fire and prepare the coffee and snacks for the others! 

  • Are there any limits for the size and age of children participating?

Answer: 10 years and 135 cm. As an approximate number. The harness has to be fitted perfect and they need extra supervision. They also should be followed by their parents or other relatives or related trusted adults. 

  • Are there any upper weight limit for guests?

Answer:  The limit is 120 kg. Harnesses has to fit the body size and shape. If the weight is to heavy it will probably be hard to find the right position while hanging in the harness. Then it could be an option to use a bodyharness. The speed along the zipline will increase for each extra kilo you add. If you also have tight clothing and aerodynamic position you will penetrate the airspace like a rocket and you could reach all the way to the other side. One measure to bring in is to gain some drag. There is also a back up in the other end. 120 is enough weight. 

  • Where do we start? Where do we meet?

Answer: We meet at Villa Verma. There is a nameplate/logo at the wall. You find the house just a few meters from the yellow groceryshop at Verma. Approx 25-30 minutes drive from Åndalsnes up the valley (direction Dombås/Oslo). At the agreed time we come out and meet you and the safety induction will start right away in the garden outside Villa Verma.  


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