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FAQ -about climbing the famous Romsdalshorn

There is often a few questions ahead of a guided climb to one of the 7 peaks of Romsdalen. Here follows the most frequently asked questions about Romsdalshorn, but most of the answers give information relevant for almost any of the other climbs.

  • Do I need to have some climbing experience to join this climb?

Answer: No, you do not have to be an experienced climber. No previous experience is a prerequisite. Its an advantage of course. If you are not sure of what you are capable of, it will be possible to meet up a day earlier and take a training course and get an assessment. What some people consider easy fun is scary and very difficult for others. North wall of Romsdalshorn is graded US 5.5. (Norwegian grade 4).

  • How fit do I have to be to climb these mountains?

Answer: You need normal or good physical condition. The climb up Romsdalshorn is not very long. Its a vertical gain of 800 meter. Quite steep. You start climbing those meters directly from the car. The tour for Kvanndalstinf and Juratind is considerably longer when it comes to vertical meters, walking distance and total hours spent in the mountain.

  • I am a bit afraid of heights. I dont know if I am up for it. What happen if I "freak out"?

Answer: The climb will get steeper close to the top. We can turn back home any time, if that is your decision. When you have put on a harness and a rope you will most likely feel safer. We can just make an attempt and see how it workes. We take it step by step.

  • What kind of shoes and clothes do I need?

Answer: Trail running or hiking shoes is good for the approach. Climbing shoes is great for the last steep meters. It just more easy and fun and perhaps safer to wear a pair of climbing shoes. You can borrow from us if you dont have yourself. Lightweight mountainboots with an defined edge around the sole is also good. For walking on the snow this is absolutely the best and often a necessity. Especially if it rains or snows it is important to keep warm. You need waterproof clothing if the weather is extreme. Then you also need woolmittens, woolhat, woolshirts and fleecejacket. But if its warm and sunny you need fast clothes. Lightweight and strechy. Bring skipoles for the uphill walk. Lightweight alpine poles with a fixed length or telescopic ones. 

  • Do I need to bring my own climbing gear? 

Answer: No. All necessary climbing gear is included in the price. If you have your own gear and prefer using that, its ok. We will just have to do some adjustment on your harness/add some extra gear. 

  • What happen if the weather is bad?

Answer: It is possible to climb Romsdalshorn and the other mountains even if the weather is quite bad. Rain and wind makes it a bit more challanging, but not impossible. But if it is pooring down and blowing realy hard (15 m/s) we have to reconsider. Perhaps there is snow and ice on every handhold. It can be really cold! Even then, some guests refuse to turn back! They are 100% dedicated to reach the top. Well, I have to say, in those conditions...I would like to suggest a guided tour in the adventureperk Ville Verma! 

  • How many hours does it take to climb Romsdalshorn?

Answer: It depends if the number of guests are 1 or 4. It depends on the number of climbers ahead of us. It depends on the weather, how fast the group can move etc.. 4 hours roundtrip is the fastest possible. 6-7 hours is fast as well. 7-8 hours is not unusual. Maybe the best way approach this, is to stay at Villa Verma, and plan the climb the day before. We pack the bag and go through the methods and equipment. 

  • Romsdalshorn has become popular. Will there be many other climbers around there?

Answer: Yes, thats true. If the weather is nice you might find peopla all over the mountain. Some people spend the night at the top as well. Many did not intend to. do so. The route is kind of narrow. Its hard to pass other groups if we climb faster. So there can be a lot of waiting there, also when rapelling down. There is a chanse of rockfall. Its possible to avoid it if we are able to move fast. Its also important to get  away from the dropzone as soon as possible after returning the steep upper section.

  • Will there be any extra insurance included in case of accidents?

Answer: No. Insurance is not included. We recommand that you have climbing included as an activity in your own insurans policy. Most insurancecompanies will cover offpisteskiing and climbing. 

  • How do we pay the guided tour?

Answer: You can either pay by Vipps, or transfer to a business bank account. You can pay by Visa/Mastercard at Villa Verma, or by cash.


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