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Adventurepark Ville Verma

Test your skills in one of the riggs similar to TV show 71 degree North. Across the spectacular waterfall called Neagarafossen close to Kyllingbrua there are ziplines and climbingnet that allows us to get access to this beautiful river gorge. You get the opportunity to experience the wild river in a safe way customized to your abilities and wish. During the tour there will be served coffee and local snacks around the bonfire. Can you wish for more? 

Adventure weekend

Explore Romsdalen! Villa Verma is a safe, cosy and relaxing Base Camp, from which you can choose your exciting adventures. We suggest to pick one of the 7 Summits of Romsdalen or the well known Romsdalseggen first day!  The second day we go for the Adventure Park at Verma. Its also possible to choose another day in the high mountains. This gives you an efficient weekend of 2 nights at Villa Verma and 2 days of 1st class activities. Villa Verma can easily accomodate  4-8 persons. Guide is included both days.


The north wall of Romsdalshorn is perhaps the most classic climbing route  in Romsdalen. Its very popular and has to be climbed at the right time. It has a spectacular view to the valley of Romsdalen. Some people Base Jump from the top, but we safely return same way as we climb. This would be a possible goal for everybody that are normally fit, and without being to scared of heights.

7 Summits Romsdalen

Its all prepared for you to climb 7 Summits of Romsdalen in only 7 days. It sounds ambitiously. And perhaps it is. You will need good physical condition, and a will to pull through. The weather may be a challange to. Rain, sun, snow, wind. You name it! You will have to be motivated. After a week you will then receive the local title Mountainking or Mountainqueen!


Ville Verma
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