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It has been a huge interest from the media last years. And visitors have made their own films as well!

Went for the tiger jump!

Sunnmørsposten 18.07.15.

With vertical cliffs around us and a roaring waterfall beneath us, we do the leap!

The heart beats faster as we throw ourselves out from the platforms, out into free air above the loud noise from the waterfall. The sound of the waterfall drowns the load cheering from the other friends. You just barely feels the cold gust from the frothing river and delayed spring floods before we land safely into the arms of Tore Klokk on the other side.

Fantastic adventure in the river gorge.

Informational newspaper on the business in region of Møre og Romsdal. Næringsliv in Møre og Romsdal writes about the Adventure park in nuber 5/2017.

Read the article here. (Norwegian)

News article Verma

This time "kortreist" (local news) has visited mountainguide, skier and climber Tore Klokk at Villa Verma. After a nice saturday evening med discussions about mountaineering, indoor climbing at the gym (top-floor roof), and good food and drinks, we spent sunday skiing from Brøste over Brøstkampen, Borga and Alterhøa. Finally we descended 1300 vertical meters to Verma. A nice run with both open mountain terrain and forest. A real alpine skiing tour.

Read page 1 in the article here. (Norwegian).

Read page 2 in the article here. (Norwegian)

Article in Newspaper Romsdal Budstikke


Excerpt from article in Romsdal Budstikke Wednesday 28/5 2014.

Mountainclimber, outdoor enthusiast and industry climber Tore Klokk has renovated an old house at Verma. Join us inside Villa Verma and be inspired!

Read the entire article here. (Norwegian)

71 degree North


Realityshow 71 degree North has been on the screens for 2 decades.  One episode was recorded at Verma. The climbing net is still here for everybody to try. 

Åndalsnes newspaper


Åndalsnes newspaper 28 of mai 2014


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