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Could you see yourself as an assistant guide in Romsdalen next summer? The most relevant period will be from 15. June til 15. August. Knowledge and skills within tourism, mountaineering, marketing, and social media is benefitial! You also need some experience and interest for rock climbing, and have to be in a good physical condition. You will go through a learning period and work as an assistant the first days. The work will be varied. That means there might be other kind of practical work related to the house and guiding area. 

Its a good idea to be 2 persons at work. That gives you company and additional safety. Do you have a good friend or a partner who would like to spend the summer together with you? You can choose to work for 4 or 8 weeks. Some days there will be no work and you can go exploring the mountains in Romsdalen by yourself. A more detailed description of what is expected will be given on request. Send us a cv with relevant information, and explain why you like to come to Romsdalen! 


Ville Verma
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